DrainHubMulti-Port Drain Adapters

Like a power strip for drain connections.

The patent-pending DrainHub® Multi-Port Drain Adapter accepts multiple drain connections in one small hub—saving space, cost and time. DrainHub is easy to install, and its 1/2" FNPT injection-molded ports accept a wide variety of thread-in compression, hose barb, and push-to-connect fittings.

Multi-Port Drain Adapter

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Multi-Port Drain Adapter
with Air Gap

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Mind the gap.

For installations that require air gaps, a DrainHub with a first-of-its-kind, two-stage integrated air gap ensures code compliance and virtually eliminates splashing for up to four drain connections in one small hub!

Problems solved.

Every plumber and installation technician knows the frustration. Appliances like water-treatment systems, beverage machines, dishwashers and washing machines all require drain connections—and it's easy to run out of space, fast.

And in some municipalities, local code requirements require air gaps for every drain connection. So plumbers frequently need to configure their own custom solutions, which can be costly and inconvenient. Even worse, "DIY" customers sometimes come up with their own drain-line solutions, which can be non-compliant, messy, or both.

Thankfully, now there's the DrainHub multi-port drain adapter. Available with and without an integrated air gap, these certified, patent-pending fittings are simple to install and accept multiple drain connections in one small hub.