VIAgapVertical Inline Air Gap

For drain lines that require air gaps, the certified VIAgap™ vertical inline air gap provides a simple, splash-free solution for various types of appliances and devices including reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, whole-house water filters, condensate lines and more.

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  • Durable, non-corrosive Schedule 40 PVC
  • Standard-sized inlet & outlet hose barbs
  • Additional installation options for standpipes, couplings & inline-pipe mounts
  • Wall-mountable clips included
  • Integrated straightening vein virtually elimitates splash
  • Integrated weep hole prevents pooling when installed with coupler

Available Models

Model Inlet Outlet
VG025 1/4" Barb 3/8" Barb
VG038 3/8" Barb 1/2" Barb
VG050 1/2" Barb 3/4" Barb
VG075 3/4" Barb 1" Barb

Installation Options

VIAgap Wall Mount Installation

Wall Mount

VIAgap Standpipe Mount Installation

Standpipe Mount

VIAgap Full Inline Pipe Installation

Full Inline Pipe Mount

VIAgap Vertical Inline Air Gap - VG025 VIAgap Vertical Inline Air Gap - VG038 VIAgap Vertical Inline Air Gap - VG050 VIAgap Vertical Inline Air Gap - VG075

Vertical Inline Air Gap

$ 29.00 $ 39.00 $ 49.00 $ 59.00 $ 348.00 $ 468.00 $ 588.00 $ 708.00
Inlet Size
Outlet Size

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Standards Certification & Compliance

QAI Certification

QAI Listed

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  • ASME A112.1.3

    This Standard establishes physical requirements and methods of testing for air gap fittings for protecting against back siphonage and back pressure backflow.

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  • California Health & Safety Code 116875

    The California State Health and Safety Code Section 116875 requires that no person shall use any pipe, pipe or plumbing fitting or fixture, or solder or flux, that is not lead-free in the installation or repair of any public water system or any plumbing in a facility providing for human consumption except when necessary for the repair of leaded joint of cast iron pipe.

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  • IAPMO PS 65

    This Standard covers air gap units intended for water conditioning equipment installation and specifies requirements for materials, physical characteristics, markings, and performance testing methods for protecting against backsiphonage and backpressure backflow.

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  • Massachusetts Acceptance P-2022-560

    In order to obtain product acceptance in Massachusetts, products must be tested using industry accepted standards to ensure they are safe and work as designed for public use. The laboratories which perform such tests must be certified to meet industry-based guidelines to ensure appropriate testing.

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  • NSF 61

    NSF/ANSI 61 addresses the human health effects of drinking water system components. This performance-based standard evaluates the amount of contaminants that leach from the products into potable drinking water. The origin for this standard was lead reduction/ removal. Any lead that elutes into the water at over 0.25% fails this standard.

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  • NSF 372

    NSF/ANSI 372 establishes a standardized methodology for the determination and verification of product compliance to minimize lead contaminants. This standard is consistent with the United States Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and its lead-free plumbing requirements, as well as the requirements of individual U.S. states such as California.

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  • Wisconsin Alternate Approval

    VIAgap™ has been reviewed and determined to comply with chapters SPS 382 through 384, Wisconsin Administrative Code, and Chapters 145 and 160, Wisconsin Statutes. The Department hereby issues an alternate approval to s. SPS 382.33(7) based on the Wisconsin Statutes and the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

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Material White PVC
Inlet 1/4" Barb
Outlet 3/8" Barb
Diameter 0.84"
2.13 cm
Overall Height 5.30"
13.46 cm
Window Height 1.25"
3.18 cm
Max Recommended Flow Rate 1.5 gpm
5.68 Lpm
Max Operating Temperature 140º F
60º C
Material White PVC
Inlet 3/8" Barb
Outlet 1/2" Barb
Diameter 1.05"
2.67 cm
Overall Height 6.25"
15.88 cm
Window Height 1.50"
3.81 cm
Max Recommended Flow Rate 4.0 gpm
15.14 Lpm
Max Operating Temperature 140º F
60º C
Material White PVC
Inlet 1/2" Barb
Outlet 3/4" Barb
Diameter 1.32"
3.35 cm
Overall Height 7.63"
19.38 cm
Window Height 2.00"
5.08 cm
Max Recommended Flow Rate 8.0 gpm
30.28 Lpm
Max Operating Temperature 140º F
60º C
Material White PVC
Inlet 3/4" Barb
Outlet 1" Barb
Diameter 1.90"
4.83 cm
Overall Height 9.00"
22.86 cm
Window Height 2.50"
6.35 cm
Max Recommended Flow Rate 16.0 gpm
60.57 Lpm
Max Operating Temperature 140º F
60º C